The Key to Paradise

The Key

The Key to Paradise (or just Key for short) is the capital of Ha’jyar, being the home of the Sultan and the seat of human government. It also has a significant Elven population, since it is the primary access point between human and Elven lands. It houses the leadership of the Protectors as well as the Elven courtiers assigned as ambassadors and advisors to the Ha’jyari court.

It is also home to the Royal Summoner’s College, making it the center point of power for all the most influential organizations in the known world.

The only organization or government of note without significant representation in Key is the Kingdom of Vulkar. There are some Vulkar traders in The Key, but they are most numerous and influential in Har’mattan. In the heartland of the Ha’jyari Empire the Vulkar are typically considered less than welcome.

The Key to Paradise

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