The Roden, as described in the Burning Wheel game, are a race of intelligent, humanoid rodents. More mouse than rat.

In our case, they are similar to tunnel dwelling desert mice, and descended from a stock that is similar to field mice.

In ancient times, the Roden were a peaceful agrarian society, dwelling in a distant land dominated by rolling plains. They lived as simple farmers and prospered under the watchful eye of their god Aecer, the Great Gatherer. They valued piety, humility and patience.

However, under the guidance of an Albino (Roden consider Albinos to be mystics) by the name of Posset, a tribe of Roden left the peace of Aecer’s fields. Following the guidance of one who they believed to be a prophet, they set off across the distant desert in search of the promised land.

They did find the promised land, but to their dismay it was already populated by a tribe of hairless apes, known as Men.

When his followers voiced their discontent, Posset claimed to have had another vision. With his words he swayed them into conflict with the Men, in an attempt to seize the holy land for themselves. Unfortunately the apes were cunning and wielded weapons of sharp metal. The peaceful Roden were no match for them.

It was during this time that Posset disappeared.

Routed and without guidance, the Roden fled into the tunnels beneath the cities of Man. And they remain there to this day.

Most of them have lost their faith in Aecer and Posset, their hearts turned to bitterness as they scratch out a meager existence in the ruins and sewers, hiding from the Men who once hunted them. However, a small number of them remember Posset’s promise. They lurk in the darkness and do whatever they can to undermine the empires of Men, longing for the day when the paradise that was promised is theirs at last.

For their part, the ordained amongst the Field Roden have long ago forgiven the Leavers of Aecer’s nest. They occassionally send missionaries seeking the lands of Men, seeking to return their lost brothers to the fold once more.


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