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I’m moving some stuff from this page (the main page) to the home page (confusing I know). I’d like this page to be more of an intro into setting material, so I’m keeping the more crunchy bits on the home page.

My inspiration here is an ancient (but still living) human civilization in an area geographically similar to the Persian Empire. There is a fertile tropical jungle by the northern coast, surrounded by a dense mountain range. Beyond that is miles upon miles of desert.

Here’s a map of the known world. Some Notes on the Religions of the Known World

I’ve got some supplemental BW material from the BW wiki that might be of use when designing character concepts. Here’s some additional lifepaths for Humans that were inspired by Persian history and the Conan movies.

Pretty version. Efficent version.

I’ve grabbed some “concept art” to help give you an idea of the setting/style.

This particular city seems more in the “Persian” style, but I’ve thought about integrating two cultures to make the Humans a bit more interesting. The Ha’jyar, who are more Persian in style, and a more Western influenced culture (with maybe a hint of Viking?) the Vulkar. That gives us a sort of blended, crusades style situation.

The city of Har’mattan called Lazorath by the Elves: Human City human palace

Emma has been interested in joining the game as an Elf, so we’ve been discussing the incorperation of Elves into the setting. This has interesting implications for Adrian (if you’re still into playing an Orcs), since Elves and Orcs are tightly related (they’re essentially the same species). Furthermore, we’ve discussed that the Elves could be (in classic Tolkien fashion) passing on into the West and leaving dominion of the lands to the Ha’jyar. This leaves some neat ties between the Elves and the Ha’jyar, particularly the idea that the Elves are acting as caretakers of the (obviously magical) forest in the desert. Not sure if or how this should effect the Roden story.

Hopefully Emma will be adding an article on Elves/the jungle soon.

The Elves hidden paradise: Hidden Paradise

An elvish temple or palace: elvish palace

Bauke mentioned that he was interested in summoners as a campaign element, so I thought it would be cool to include a full blown College of Magic that provides elite advisors to the royal courts.

The City of Tears: Summoner's Tower

In the mountain caverns and the sewers and ruins beneath the cities, the Roden live.

The Roden tunnels: Roden Tunnels 2

Roden Tunnels 1

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