Uncle Aethery

Elven quartermaster and conspirator.


Name: Uncle Aethery

Concept/Bio: Elven quartermaster and conspirator.

Lifepaths: Born Etharch, Attendant, Second, Lead to Protector, Herald, Lead to Citadel, Adjutant, Lead to Path of Spite, Griever, Twister

Age: 226

Stats: Wi: B6, Pe: B6, Po: B4, Fo: B3, Ag: B6, Sp: B6, Speed Mult.: x3.5

Attributes: Ref: B6, Ste: B9, Hes: 5, Hea: B4, MW: B9, Spite: B6, Circles: B3, Resources: B4

PTGS: Su: B2 Li: B4 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9


Humans are fragile and weak. Associations with them can only bring us pain.

My dealings with the Orcs must remain secret.

If the humans are to rule this land, they must be tested in the fires of war.


Always look out for my family.

Always haggle over a price.

Never give something of value up easily.

Traits: Born Under the Silver Stars, Essence of the Earth, Fair and Statuesque, First Born, Keen Sight, Etharchal, Calm Demeanor, Lesson of One, Stoic, Organized, Spite, Booming Voice, Cowardly, Suspicious, Paranoid, Compulsive Liar

Skills: Administration B5, Citadel-Wise B5, Code of Citadels B5, Dark Elf-Wise B3, Elven Script B3, Etharch-Wise B4, Etiquette B4, Falsehood B4, Lullaby to Sorrow B4, Paean of Deeds B3, Persuasion B5, Protector-Wise B3, Riding B4, Silver Trumpet B4, Sing B3, Song of Bonding B3, Soothing Platitudes B3, Sword B3, Twisted Tongue B5

Affiliations: 2D The Protectorate’s Southern Expaditionary Force, 1D The Spies of Lazorath

Gear: Fine Elven Clothes and Shoes

Property: Remote Refuge(Tower in the Desert), Sumptious Apartment in Lazorath


Alerie’s Uncle Aethery was raised as a noble knight, but preferred romance to battle. In his youth he enjoyed flirting with human maidens, and had several passionate romances with them.

However, their short lives have left him bitter and hurt. This combined with his cowardice has lead him to resign from a life of active service in favour of an administrative position.

Uncle Aethery

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