This wiki is for planning our Burning Wheel game, and for tracking its progress. As soon as I’ve got some players registered and I figure out how, I hope to make this site open to the whole group to contribute to.

If you’re unsure how to edit a wiki, I’ve preserved Obsidian Portal’s example page. If you edit that page, you can see how they created all the examples, so that should give you something to work from.

Here is some advice on writing beliefs that will help you make AWESOME Burning Wheel characters.

And here is that character concept discussion I mentioned. *db, July 21, 9:37

Finally, here’s a rough diagram of things I think are cool and would like to include and how they relate to each other.

It’s a little messy, but I think it’s reasonably clear.

—Diagram is gone now. It’s terribly dated. I’ll upload an updated version soon. *db, Aug 5, 16:48

If you want a little more info on some of these things, click on the Wiki tab.

Of Mice and Men

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